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Technical support around Linux, from putting out fires to leading complex projects

Whether you need someone to keep your systems running smoothly, migrate your servers or create a new piece of software, you can trust our team of experts to do the job.

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We price our services using a flat fee model or a prepaid retainer.

Maintenance & Support

We can be your competent partner who not only puts out occasional fires and keeps your systems running, but is familiar with your IT landscape, sees the bigger picture and can provide recommendations to optimize your systems (and budget).

Stop worrying about your IT systems and let us:

    • Monitor your systems and react fast to fix production bugs, security or performance issues while keeping the inconvenience to your customers to a minimum
    • Review best practices and perform regular manual health checks of your systems (service functionality, recent logs, monitoring functionality, current backups, configuration management, etc.) to prevent or avert hacker attacks
    • Take care of your essential IT management tasks, like software updates and backups
    • Keep your systems and the data of your customers secure
    • Be there for you 24/7 via Slack, email or phone

Something is on fire… like RIGHT NOW? Buy 4 hours of our time on the spot

Your servers have crashed, and your own team is at their wit’s end? Hackers took over your site and your customers are sending you angry emails?Buy 4 hours of time from one of our top engineers on the spot. We can’t guarantee a fix, but chances are, our highly experienced Linux engineers have seen this before and will be able to get you out of trouble fast.

Get me out of trouble

Audit, Setup & Optimization

Want to automate application deployment or optimize your WordPress? Need to migrate your servers to Cloud and scale your systems for them to keep up with the growth of your company?

We can audit, migrate and optimize your systems to run faster and more secure so that your clients stay happy even as your business scales.

We offer:

    • Performance audits
    • Security audits (among others, network penetration tests and vulnerability scans)
    • PCI compliance assessment
    • Enterprise level WordPress setup and optimization
    • Server migration to Cloud
    • Kubernetes implementation
    • DevOps – CI/CD implementation
    • Grafana dashboard creation and integration
    • High performance computing

Need help with something that’s not on the list? Get in touch with us to find out if we can help.

Software Development

Don’t have enough developers on your team to finish your project in time? Need a custom app or a piece of software to automate your processes?

Our team of experienced software engineers can support you at all stages of your software development projects – from code audit and refactoring to project design, architecture and management.

    • DevOps and scripting to speed up your DevOps pipeline and get code updates from your development environment into production without blowing anything up
    • Assisting your development teams with refactoring of existing code to be more cloud native using industry-standard design patterns
    • Migration of legacy software products to modern web-based applications
      Creation of new software programs and embedded hardware solutions to automate processes and increase productivity
    • Development of API integrations, scripts and reports for existing servers and applications
    • Development of custom Android and iOS mobile applications that integrate with existing business software
    • Code audits to improve performance and security and support investor technical due diligence
    • Code refactoring to support modern tooling, Docker microservices and DevOps workflows
    • Development of initial PoC software to present to investors/li>
    • Development of initial framework skeleton setup and best practices consulting
    • Software development oversight and management
    • Skilled and experienced developers to support your own development team
    • Business automation solutions tailored to your industry and your business to give you a competitive advantage in your niche

Need help with something that’s not on the list? Get in touch with us to find out if we can help.


Wondering if we have the expertise you need?

Check out the skills and experiences of our technical lead, Linux system engineers and automation and network specialists.

Our happy clients


Crafty Penguins truly felt like a member of our team.

I could call Crafty Penguins at any time, and they were always available and felt like a team member. They not only supported our servers but trained me and my team on some new technologies so that we now have better dev ops as well.

Do you want just a vendor or a real partner? If you’re looking for the former, go find the lowest bid. When you ultimately are let down, then hire Crafty Penguins like you should have in the first place.

Jason Ziolo, President & CEO, Dorian Solutions, USA

With Crafty Penguins, we started saving money immediately

Crafty Penguins helped us cut our server rack monthly rental in half. Also, our prior consultants recommended us purchasing more servers, but the assessment of Crafty Penguins showed us that we had enough space with what was already there.

We value honesty and trust of their team, which is a pretty big deal when IT is not familiar territory for anyone working in the company.

Brent Bawel, Director, Mindfuel, Canada

We relied on their team to be the experts, and they didn’t disappoint.

We came to Crafty Penguins when it became evident that we didn’t have a solid infrastructure to guarantee our users reliable performance and data security. We relied on their team to be the experts, and they didn’t disappoint.

They helped us build a new, reliable architecture that gives us a comfortable sense of security. We now stopped worrying about our system crashing and can concentrate on running our business.

Paul Linenberg, President, Gotcha Covered, USA

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