We are not looking for clients that want to be average at software development. Rather, we are seeking to form relationships with dev teams that want to be the very best in their field. A key part of a high velocity, high quality dev process is automatic testing. For web applications, one of the best solutions is Selenium. We have worked with multiple clients to achieve the following benefits.

Why should you consider Selenium?

  • Save precious hours compared to time-intensive manual human testing
  • Be ready to release software updates at anytime, knowing that everything is automatically being tested behind the scenes
  • Test functionality that otherwise nobody would have time to test
  • Find bugs that would otherwise take forever to discover across many combinations of browsers, operating systems, and versions
  • Discover bugs immediately upon code check-in, instead of later during the “QA” process
  • Improve confidence in code changes
  • Ensure that fixed bugs don’t regress and come back later
  • Save time in running tests by running tests in parallel
  • Save on operational costs (AWS hosting, etc) by only running the testing servers when required instead of 24×7.

Why work with Crafty Penguins to get up and going with Selenium?

  1. We’ve done it before!
  2. We know all the gotchas and roadblocks along the way. The devil is in the details.
  3. We have documented processes and automation to quickly implement this for you.
  4. We are experienced in software development, automated testing, cloud systems, advanced networking, and Linux.
  5. We can save you a bunch of learning time and trial/error, and short-circuit procrastination.

We believe in giving back!

For each new Selenium implementation project, we donate 10% of your investment to the Selenium Project.