Having Crafty Penguins manage our systems saves us time to focus on our core business which is web filtering techniques.

Linux server consultants and system administrators that can get you out of server trouble, prevent frequent server issues, bugs slipping into production websites, improve time consuming code deployments, and handle complicated server migrations with ease.

Herman van Rhijn, Technical Director, Kliksafe B.V.

Are you a CTO, software development team lead, IT Manager, or a Windows MSP?

Do you want to focus on your own clients and improving your web applications?  We take care of Linux IT operations such as maintenance, infrastructure, migrations, and upgrades so that your website or network can stay safe, reliable, and run fast.

Why choose Crafty Penguins for Linux Server Management?

  1. You need an experienced team of engineers. Our senior engineers individually have 20+ years of experience. We have breadth and depth in many areas, with both legacy and modern Linux and Open Source technologies. Chances are high that we’ve seen it before. Our wisdom gained from years of being bitten by technology will save you time by either thinking ahead to prevent potential issues, and quickly solving anything that does occur. When you hit a wall, we are here to help via Slack, Zoom, email, or phone.
  2. You want to hear “Yes, we’ll figure it out”. We are creative, are not hung up on any vendor’s implementation, what an engineer may have learned in some certification course, or other in-the-box-thinking. We love solving tough problems!
  3. You know that Proactive Maintenance needs to happen but nobody has time for it. We take care of routine Linux/Windows patching, scheduled reboots, testing backups, system log reviews, SSH account audits and much more to keep systems secure and running well. We stay one step ahead of your network by monitoring your systems in detail, having tools in place so that we can quickly respond when there is an issue, and review historical trends and patterns.
  4. You need an operations team that understands software development. Since our team has experience in a wide variety of languages (Python, Java, PHP, C, C++, Bash, Assembler, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, ….), we can work closely with your developers to build pragmatic solutions. Rather then dev team saying “it worked for me” and operations saying “your code is broken, go fix it”, we bridge the gap by working together to find solutions and move forward.
  5. Direct access to Linux Experts through Slack chat, Email, and Phone.

What do we do?

  • System Design and Architecture
  • Linux Server Migrations and Installation
  • Linux Server Management
  • Remote Server Administration
  • Security Reviews and Assessments
  • Create IT Roadmaps
  • Break/Fix support
  • Research and Development (R&D)

Our Technology Stack

  • Debian, Ubuntu, and many other Linux distributions
  • Docker technologies including LXC, Kubernetes
  • Linux security including iptables, OpenVPN, OpenSWAN, OpenSSL, LetsEncrypt
  • Networking including OSPF, BGP, Quagga/Zebra, IPVS, VRRP, Openswitch, VLANs
  • Web and proxy servers like Apache, NGinx, HAProxy, Squid
  • Virtualization technologies including HyperV, VMWare ESX, Proxmix, KVM, LXC and more
  • Dev toolchains including PHP, Python, Java
  • DevOps Consulting and CI/CD Automation
  • Cloud consulting with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, OVH and more
  • Kubernetes Consulting
  • Saltstack consulting
  • Gitlab integration services
  • ELK stack – ElasticSearch, LogStash and Kibana
  • Custom ChatOps bots with Slack

Engagements and agreements for Linux Consulting

As mentioned on the How Much Does Linux Consulting Cost? page, we have a number of engagement methods depending on what makes sense for your business. These can of course be combined; perhaps you need some immediate assistance, but then would like to do a server migration leading into ongoing proactive maintenance and support.

  • If you just need to work directly with a Linux Server Administrator for a couple of hours to get you over the bump, we have an accelerated “Get Me Out of Linux Trouble” prepaid ticket process, which will put you in direct contact with an expert engineer.
  • For larger projects (eg: 10+ hours), we will setup a block-time retainer. Typically this will start with a technical assessment and planning phase to come up with a solid plan of action.
  • For ongoing Proactive Maintenance, we can setup a TLC (Technology Loving Care) Proactive agreement which includes monitoring, backups, security reviews, patching, roadmap updates, and technology review meetings.
  • For ongoing Reactive support such as working with your developers, dealing with issues, changes, and projects, we can setup a monthly retainer with a set amount of hours. Our retainers never expire!
  • For standard projects like security assessments and network penetration tests, we can also provide fixed-price proposals.

What to expect when engaging with Crafty Penguins

  1. We love challenges, but will seek to confirm they make sense in the bigger picture of your business in the long term.
  2. Our goal is not a quick buck up front, but to invest into a long term relationship like we have with many of our clients.
  3. We gladly receive feedback on your interactions with our marketing, sales, service delivery, project, and billing teams so that we can be better.
  4. We believe in being transparent, and value facts and logic over emotional responses.

Interesting in getting started?

Just visit the Contact Us page to schedule a call, email, or phone us.