Crafty Penguins is the only provider that exclusively focuses on supporting SaaS development teams to confidently deploy software updates. We guarantee that in 90 days or less of working with us, that you will feel confident in updating your code hourly!

  1. Your developers want to focus on coding. Your team wants to focus on achieving milestones, cranking out features, and fixing bugs. We come alongside them taking care of infrastructure, server administration, proactive maintenance, scalability, and disaster recovery.
  2. You need an operations team that understands software development. Since our team has experience in a wide variety of languages (Python, Java, PHP, C, C++, Bash, Assembler, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, ….), we can work closely with your developers to build pragmatic solutions. Rather then dev team saying “it worked for me” and operations saying “your code is broken, go fix it”, we bridge the gap by working together to find solutions and move forward.
  3. You need an experienced team of engineers. Our senior engineers individually have 20+ years of experience. We have breadth and depth in many areas, with both legacy and modern Linux and Open Source technologies. Chances are high that we’ve seen it before. Our wisdom gained from years of being bitten by technology will save you time by either thinking ahead to prevent potential issues, and quickly solving anything that does occur. When you hit a wall, we are here to help via Slack, Zoom, email, or phone.
  4. You want a partner that solves issues with an eye on the bigger picture. We go beyond just fixing errors by also considering overall business goals, digging to find the root causes of issues, and taking pride in the work completed.
  5. You want to hear “Yes, we’ll figure it out”. We are creative, are not hung up on any vendor’s implementation, what an engineer may have learned in some certification course, or other in-the-box-thinking. We love solving tough problems!
  6. You don’t want to be locked into a single vendor. This is a big part of our philosophy of being pragmatic, flexible, and consultative. We’re familiar with major cloud providers including Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, OVH, Digital Ocean, and others. We’ll help you to build on the one that best meets your needs, not the one that offers us the most benefit.
  7. You don’t want your team to spend months/years learning Linux and DevOps. We have infrastructure automation toolkits ready to go for Python and Java web technology stacks. Over the last couple of years, we have been building out our toolkits (which we call “Iceberg”) that contain SaltStack and Kubernetes automation, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and other documentation to handle regular DevOps and SRE requirements. It also provides much-needed standardization between servers and our clients so that anyone in our team can support you in a consistent manner. Iceberg is a great place for the Crafty Penguins to live 🙂
  8. You know that Proactive Maintenance needs to happen but nobody has time for it. We take care of routine Linux/Windows patching, scheduled reboots, testing backups, system log reviews, SSH account audits and much more to keep systems secure and running well.
  9. You need a support team to get your back in the event of an emergency. We know that stuff happens – we have a team (not just one person) available to jump in and resolve a variety of issues whether it’s a server, hung application, storage problem, networking, or even an issue in your own code. In the worst case, our 24×7 answering service will track down an engineer to help.
  10. You want to get your product to market faster. We use technologies like containers, Continuous Integration & Delivery, automated testing and more to help your developers quickly deploy updates without busting anything.
  11. You need somebody to watch the servers and network. We stay one step ahead of your network by monitoring your systems in detail, having tools in place so that we can quickly respond when there is an issue, and review historical trends and patterns.

Crafty Penguins focuses on supporting SaaS development teams to confidently deploy software updates. We guarantee that in 90 days or less of working with us, that you will feel confident in updating your code hourly!