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Our Get Me Out Of Trouble (“GMOOT”) process is a great way to get a hand with an urgent server/network issue which might only need a couple of hours of an expert’s time to resolve. This streamlined process is designed so that we can quickly help you on a fixed-fee basis. We will provide up to 4 hours of work to investigate and work on a resolution to your issue.

We CAN help with

  • Password resets
  • RAID hard drive issue – review/resolve
  • Quick high-level security review
  • Server health check
  • Design / Architecture questions
  • Linux mail server issue, such as SPF record analysis or file system problem
  • Pick an engineer’s brain!
  • Backup recovery
  • Or some other issue for you to evaluate us with a small issue to experience what it’s like to work with us.

We CAN'T help with

  • Not-urgent requests not demanding immediate attention
  • Issues that cannot be solved or worked through in one technical session of up to 4 hours
  • Project or issue that needs more than 4 hours to complete.
    For other options such as hour blocks, please visit our linux consulting page

How it works

  1. Submit the form below so that we have your information and the basic details collected.
  2. We will confirm receipt, and ask any clarifying details as required.
  3. We will check with our team to confirm we have the skillset and availability to work on this issue within your desired timeframe.
  4. We will send you an official proposal with T&Cs and Non-Disclosure Agreement
  5. Upon receipt of funds, we will assign the engineer and start the work.
  6. When we get close to the time limit, we will provide a summary of where we are, findings, conclusions, and recommendations for the next step.

Remote access

We provide all Linux/Devops consulting services remotely. Normally this is done using the SSH protocol. We can provide our static IPs so that you can add them to your firewall to open up the SSH ports, and can also provide our team’s public SSH keys. Alternative methods such as VPN, web consoles, remote desktop, screen sharing are less efficient. The easier you make it for us to get into your system, the more time we will have available to help you!

Price, Terms & Conditions

Only $995 for up to 4 hours of technical work, plus applicable taxes.

  • Time spent getting access to your systems counts towards the 4 hours – please streamline that as much as possible.
  • Acceptance of our Master Customer Agreement (Terms & Conditions).
  • GMOOT (Get Me Out of Trouble) is meant to cover up to 4 consecutive hours of work investigation. Any request to split the time beyond (1) week will not be accommodated.
  • Every attempt will be made to resolve the issue within the 4 hours allotted.
  • Inactive GMOOT tickets will be closed after 1 week of inactivity.
  • The 4 hours is a minimum fixed charge to resolve the issue, there will not be any refund the issue is resolved in less than (4) hours.
  • If we identify a solution but can’t achieve it within 4 hours, we will submit a proposal with additional budget.
  • GMOOT is intended for high-urgency issues, and require prompt and accurate technical collaboration with Client.

Request Support

Filling out this form with sufficient detail helps to avoid extra emails/calls to determine the scope, and get the correct engineer working on your request as soon as possible.


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