Why we love Prometheus and Grafana

Why we love Prometheus and Grafana

Want to know the CPU use of a container in a Kubernetes node three months from now? Want custom alerts based on thresholds or failures? Prometheus has you covered, with its powerful time series database. Here are some of the top reasons we love it:

  • Works on everything. Different exporters allow you to gather CPU, Memory, Disk, etc metrics from anywhere. If the metric doesn’t exist, it is easy to make an exporter. Data can be parsed from an infinite number of sources, whether SQL or API or custom written sources.
  • Prometheus specific querying language allowing for incredibly flexible alerts. Want to get an SMS text when two servers across the world have the exact same clock drift? Prometheus can do that.
  • Grafana integration for pretty graphs/dashboards. These let you see the health of one to many systems at a glance.
  • Federation for redundancy. Tier your Prometheus servers, have metrics split up across multiple sites, and federate them all to one central Prometheus server.
  • Automatically scale to cloud infrastructure. There are many strategies and configurations available to grow with to grow with Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, Google, etc

The beauty of using Prometheus is that you are not locked into any proprietary vendor and have full control. Our team has automation, best practices, and standard operating procedures to help you quickly implement Prometheus for both new and existing software projects rather than doing the trial and error work yourself to figure it out!

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By Slava Martin

October 6, 2022

Slava Martin
Author: Slava Martin

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