Why we love Kubernetes

Why we love Kubernetes

Container based micro-service deployment has been a logical evolution of better managing large software systems and getting the most out of your server resources.  The platform we recommend for managing our clients container/microservice infrastructure is Kubernetes (K8S).  The top 3 reasons we love Kubernetes:

  • It is Open Source, and vendor neutral.  Kubernetes (K8S) can manage the deployments in the same way, from a developers workstation, to client local bare metal servers, to almost every (we have come across any yet) cloud provider like Amazon, GCloud, Azure, and Digital Ocean.
  • It is well supported. There is a vast community providing input, resources, and diverse solutions for working with K8S
  • Developing locally is the same as production. K8S makes it easy to have your development environment resemble your production environment.

Linux.com also has a great article on the Top 5 reasons to Love Kubernetes.

The beauty of using Kubernetes is that you are not locked into any proprietary vendor or cloud platform (Amazon, Google, Azure etc). It has major support in the industry and many engineers are already familiar with it.

Our team has automation, best practices, and standard operating procedures to help you quickly implement Kubernetes for both new and existing software projects rather than doing the trial and error work yourself to figure it out!

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By Slava Martin

August 2, 2018

Slava Martin
Author: Slava Martin

The Crafty Penguins team provides Linux, DevOps, and SRE tools and services for leading edge technology companies around the world.


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