Why we love Jenkins for CI/CD

Why we love Jenkins for CI/CD

Jenkins is a core part of our Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline for our clients.   Here are the top 3 reasons we love Jenkins:

  • It is an open system that is platform, language, and methodology agnostic allowing us to support our diverse client base with one non-proprietary CI/CD platform.
  • It is the industry reference implementation for what a CI / CD system should be with a rich ecosystem of support and knowledge on how to use it to its full potential.
  • It is focused on CI/CD, and is not trying to be what it is not (Git repository, Chat client, Docker storage, etc.)

The beauty of using Jenkins is that you are not locked into any proprietary vendor. It has major support in the industry and many engineers are already familiar with it.

Our team has automation, best practices, and standard operating procedures to help you quickly implement Jenkins for both new and existing software projects rather than doing the trial and error work yourself to figure it out!


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By Slava Martin

August 2, 2018

Slava Martin
Author: Slava Martin

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