What pain points does Linux and Open Source solve?

What pain points does Linux and Open Source solve?


We posed this question to our team during a weekly meeting.   We are so embedded in the Linux ecosystem that it actually took most of us a while to think about reasons that would make sense to people unfamiliar with Linux, or really with any operating system (OS) other than Windows.  

We’re so deep into Linux that it’s hard to get perspective on WHY we use Linux.  “Because we love it!”, but doesn’t quite answer the question on a practical or technical level.

So we discussed it and tried to put some clarity on all the things we love. In many cases, it’s about the things we hate on other systems.  These are our opinions, taken in moderation, not hard fast rules.


  1. Licensing.   
    How many users can log into my SQL application on my Linux Server ?   As many as the box can physically support, and that’s the ONLY concern that comes to mind.  There is no auditor coming to try and find what weird combination of use cases has put you out of compliance.
  2. Cost.
    If I need 10 SQL Servers instead of 1 how much will the OS licensing cost me ?  Nothing.  If you need 1, use 1, if you need 10, use 10.   
  3. Bloat.
    Linux servers are by default lean and trim.  They are not trying to sell you anything.  They are trying to get a job done.   It is an OS to support an application. Smaller requirements means the hardware costs are to supporting the application, not the OS
  4. Industry Leader.
    You’re probably interacting with a Linux server many times a day, and you just are not aware of it because it doesn’t need to get in your face with a logo.  The things you currently need to use Windows for are mostly for Video Games (and related) and old corporate business tools.   Linux is coming to take those over as well.   Linux is not on your desk.   It’s in the internet, your pocket, your walls, your transportation, your entertainment, your communications.
  5. For you, for everyone
    Linux and the Linux eco system is not out to trick, sell, restrict, block, enforce, control, or marginalize you. It may make fun of you if you are running a web site on IIS though!
  6. The right choice
    Where Windows or Linux is a viable choice, Windows is usually only taken because of Corporate Policy, not because it’s the smart thing to do.

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By Wim Kerkhoff

July 6, 2019

Wim Kerkhoff
Author: Wim Kerkhoff



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