Using geeky Open Source tools to visualize what TRULY matters for the health of your company

Using geeky Open Source tools to visualize what TRULY matters for the health of your company

As announced in a previous blog post, Richard and myself presented at the BC Tech Association several months ago. We shared our story on how we repurposed DevOps, software development, and system monitoring tools (like Grafana) to transform our business by visualizing the key drivers to our business model. In this blog post, I’ve shared a couple things as well as a link to the entire slidedeck (no login required).

Three things you will learn:

  • What metrics really matter?
  • How to have powerful discussions about what REALLY matters?
  • Get out of overwhelm, one of the leading contributors to mental health issues in IT like burnout and anxiety

Imagine a world where…

  • You don’t waste time on lengthy reports that don’t matter
  • You aren’t looking in the rear-view mirror
  • Your managers have the tools to know what a “good day” looks like
  • Your team doesn’t need micromanagement
  • You don’t need to solve all the problems yourself
  • You don’t need complicated tools and processes
  • you can do all of this without hiring more managers

Why am I sharing this?

  • We’ve been there and want to help others
  • We are here to serve
  • To bring things into existence, we need to first bring them into sight and mind and word. Let the truth be known
  • We need to focus on deeper relationships, better conversations, enabling teams to work together and be stronger for it
  • We love the technologies we are using for this, and want to share and help the world
  • We want to get to know more Vancouver companies and not only our international clients
  • We want to contribute to the BC Tech ecosystem from a Linux/Open Source perspective

What you will discover…

  1. 7 truths of scorecards
  2. Technical Tools Required
  3. Ideas for Data Sources

Without further ado – check out the slidedecks! Powerpoint Format or PDF format. If you have questions, drop us a note or get a call scheduled.

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By Wim Kerkhoff

October 19, 2019

Wim Kerkhoff
Author: Wim Kerkhoff



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