Strategies to lead remote team members WELL

Strategies to lead remote team members WELL

I know that, like me, you’re getting inundated with emails from people you don’t normally hear about, as to what they are doing with Covid 19.  To actually help you, I just wanted to share these free materials from LinkedIn on how to work remotely, considering culture, communication, tools etc. We’ve got no choice but to adapt and embrace this new reality, whether it’s for a few weeks or months or longer. This link has 16 different videos and you can pick which ones to watch. Most of them are under an hour long.

As the owner of a technology company, running Zoom meetings and working remotely seems natural to me. Yet it’s going to be strange for my team to pivot from remote being a perk to a mandatory 40 hours a week, so certainly I can appreciate it will be a challenge for clients that rarely work from home and aren’t really set up for it! I am looking at the positives and opportunities around this. We hope to share more of our journey and what’s working for us as we go along.

Of these 16 free LinkedIn courses, here are the ones that look the most interesting – I hope these are useful to you!

  • Time Management when working from home, from one of the authors I follow (Dave Crenshaw)
  • Developing a productive AND positive mindset when working from home (also from Crenshaw)
  • Executive Presence – looking and sounding confident and collected on conference and video calls. This is part mindset but also how we dress, stand/sit, microphone quality, and camera angles.
  • Leading at a distance. How can we still empower remote teams and team members?
  • Leading Virtual Meetings – the challenges and benefits
  • Learning Zoom – how to both participate and moderate well

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By Wim Kerkhoff

March 17, 2020

Wim Kerkhoff
Author: Wim Kerkhoff



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