Our first snail-mail print newsletter

Our first snail-mail print newsletter

We recently sent out our first newsletter in the mail and have received positive feedback on it. The goal is to share some of the content we’ve written in our blog post, educate our readers, and give a peek into the world of the Crafty Penguins. Kindly share any feedback, ideas, kudos, and rotten tomatoes with us. Click through using the link below to access the full PDF file. If you didn’t receive this newsletter in the mail but would love to receive a complimentary copy next time, do let one of our team members know, or fill out the contact form.

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By Wim Kerhoff

October 8, 2019

Wim Kerhoff
Author: Wim Kerhoff



What pain points does Linux and Open Source solve?


Using geeky Open Source tools to visualize what TRULY matters for the health of your company