Navigating the Transition from CentOS 7

Navigating the Transition from CentOS 7

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As we’re gearing up for the end of life for CentOS 7 in June 2024, it’s high time we talk about what’s next. You’ve probably heard about CentOS shifting gears to become CentOS Stream, which, honestly, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you’re looking for something more stable for your production environment.

So, what are our options? Well, we’ve got Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux on the table. Both are pretty solid choices for anyone looking to move on from CentOS 7.

Rocky Linux is like the new kid on the block, but with a familiar face. It’s been whipped up by one of the original CentOS founders, Gregory Kurtzer. Think of it as CentOS’s spiritual successor – free, open-source, and rock-solid for enterprise use. If you loved CentOS for what it was, Rocky Linux won’t disappoint.

AlmaLinux, on the other hand, comes from the CloudLinux folks. It’s also free, open-source, and echoes that CentOS vibe. Backed with some serious support from CloudLinux, AlmaLinux is all about stability and security, making it a sweet pick for businesses.

Now, for the nitty-gritty of actually making the switch. It’s not just a ‘click and done’ kind of deal. You’ve got to think about how your apps will play with the new system, the kind of support you’ll get, and of course, using the right tools to make the move.

And that’s where we come in. Here at Crafty Penguins, we’re all about getting you through these tech transitions without a hitch. Our team is stacked with Linux pros who can handle everything from system design to server management and security assessments. Need help with cloud applications or high availability strategies? We’ve got you covered there too. We’re here to make sure your move from CentOS 7 to either Rocky Linux or AlmaLinux is smooth sailing. Less downtime, more doing what you do best.

In a nutshell, while saying goodbye to CentOS 7 might feel a bit like the end of an era, it’s also a chance to step up your game with some pretty awesome alternatives. And remember, we’re right here to help you make that transition as smooth as peanut butter. Let’s make this change a win for your setup!

Chris Pickett
Crafty Penguins Team


By Chris Pickett

February 1, 2024

Chris Pickett
Author: Chris Pickett

President - Crafty Penguins


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