DevOps Journey Part 1 – “Works for Me”

DevOps Journey Part 1 – “Works for Me”

At Crafty Penguins, we work with software development teams to automate their processes and infrastructure, so that they can deploy software updates at least daily instead of monthly or yearly, all the while maintaining a high level of up-time and security.

The journey we take our clients on has six phases or markers along the way: “Works for Me,” Continuous Improvement / Continuous Development (CI/CD)Staging EnvironmentSite Reliability Engineering (SRE)Production Infrastructure, and Monitoring / Metrics / Alerting (MMA). These aren’t necessarily sequential stages; the journey is very fluid as we dig into your environment to take you to our desired destination.

The ultimate destination is an efficient, stable, and reactive development-to-production workflow in your infrastructure. Today, we’ll talk about the “Works for Me” marker along that journey.


If you are or you have a local developer working in a development environment, it may be that you experience no problems – it “Works for me.” But, as soon as you switch to a production environment, something breaks. And, this can result in pain. Maybe the pain takes the form of off-line clients, which always sucks. Or, developers may have done something but they’ve forgotten they’ve done it, and then they have to scratch their heads wondering where to look for the solution to what’s broken.

We take away this pain, and we can even deal with what caused the pain in the first place. We do this by standardizing processes to get set up for automation. We’re also really good at documentation, so if something breaks and no one else knows where to look, we can immediately go in and find the nasty culprit, fix the problem, and keep the production environment going.

Read more here: How We Solve the “It Works For Me!” Problem

Do you experience “Works for Me?”  We look forward to hearing from you!

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By Slava Martin

November 5, 2018

Slava Martin
Author: Slava Martin

The Crafty Penguins team provides Linux, DevOps, and SRE tools and services for leading edge technology companies around the world.


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