Conference talk @ LinuxFest – Proxmox Hypervisor, LXC, and KVM

Conference talk @ LinuxFest – Proxmox Hypervisor, LXC, and KVM

Back in April, Richard presented at LinuxFest NorthWest in Bellingham (Washington state) on using the Proxmox Hypervisor as a rich, easy to use, open source management platform for both LXC containers and KVM virtual machines.

We love and support the LinuxFest conference for a wide variety of the reasons. It’s close to Chilliwack. Accommodations are very economical compared to big cities like Austin, Orlando, Vancouver, etc. The content is great – there is literally something for anyone interested in anything related to Open Source and Linux. It is free to attend, and very well run by a grassroots community of volunteers.

You read the overview and watch the live recording of the talk (including slideshare, audio, live demo, and Q&A) at, or see below.

We have been using Proxmox for about 10 years and support it for many clients.

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By Richard Clark

September 8, 2018

Richard Clark
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