Kernel Module Snippets – Part 5 – Encryption

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Intro Key to transporting anything over the internet these days, is encryption. For a tunnel, this involved encrypting the whole packet that would be your payload. We don’t want anyone along the path to be able to intercept packets and see what the unencapsulated traffic would look like. Especially in the case of LAN to…


Kernel Module Snippets – Part 3 – Virtual Network Device

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Intro A part of the project I’ve been working on requires the use of a virtual network device. Traditionally, this would be a tun/tap device. The user-space program would register a new tunnel device connected to /dev/net/tun, which presents the user with a tun0 device to which you can assign an IP address etc. IP…


Kernel Module Snippets – Part 2 – Hello World Continued

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Intro In the last post, I mentioned the /proc system but never got much further. We’ll delve a little deeper in this post. So what is /proc anyway? According to wikipedia – “The proc file is a special file system … that acts as an interface to internal data structures in the kernel. It can be used to obtain…


Using geeky Open Source tools to visualize what TRULY matters for the health of your company

As announced in a previous blog post, Richard and myself presented at the BC Tech Association several months ago. We shared our story on how we repurposed DevOps, software development, and system monitoring tools (like Grafana) to transform our business by visualizing the key drivers to our business model. In this blog post, I’ve shared…


Tips for Software Product Managers

The “Inspired” book – by Marty Cagan This post is based on resources from the excellent and popular book from Marty Cagan on Product Management. Here are some resources for summaries and excerpts from the book, which is a must-read for anyone developing a SaaS software product. – Marty’s website and blog…