CTF Challenge – Attacking JWT’s with a Custom SQLmap Tamper Script – part 1

Introduction If you’ve ever watched a movie or TV show that involves computer “hacking”, you’ll recognize these scenes. Someone wearing a hoody (of course) hunched over six monitors of scrolling text, frantically typing and instantly programming some complex code to break past a firewall. My favourite (facepalming) scene had two “hackers” tag-team typing on a…

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Making the most of Grafana open source dashboards

I came across this recent blog post on OpenSource.com about the Top 10 Grafana Features. We too love Grafana of course (blog post). it’s amazing that for a project that’s under 7 years old already has over a 1/2 million installations! Here are the top features of Grafana that we use ourselves, or help our…

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3 Keys To Nurture Your ‘A’ Player

So you’ve just hired an A player in a technical role – young, super “green,” and with all the potential in the world. You’ve developed and taken her through a tight onboarding program; a couple weeks of learning, training, and culture-infusion. She’s hooked and ready to start real work. Now what? Here are three things…

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Tips for Software Product Managers

The “Inspired” book – by Marty Cagan This post is based on resources from the excellent and popular book from Marty Cagan on Product Management. Here are some resources for summaries and excerpts from the book, which is a must-read for anyone developing a SaaS software product. https://www.amazon.ca/INSPIRED-Create-Tech-Products-Customers/dp/1119387507/ref=dp_ob_title_bk https://www.mightybytes.com/blog/inspired-marty-cagan/ https://svpg.com/assessing-product-opportunities/ https://svpg.com/ – Marty’s website and blog…

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