The presentation covered why metrics are important, our transformational story, and an indepth overview of the major components required to make this work. However, due to time limits we couldn’t provide a full workshop and tutorial on how to do this. To save you days/months of trial and error and figuring everything out on your own, we have developed a training Getting Started Package as described below to help you immediately take ACTION on what you learned.

Learn more about why we love Prometheus and Grafana, About Crafty Penguins, or Meet our Team.


Getting Started Package


  • Guidance through the process of creating your first scorecard
  • Training on how to collect data and create very appealing and easy to understand realtime data visualizations
  • Sandbox starter environment to learn and play in
  • Tap into our wisdom and experience


Reasons WHY we built the package (not just to earn $$$)


  • We love both building solutions and sharing our knowledge to level up the industry
  • Life is about relationships, and this is a way for us to help YOU build better relationships within your team and with clients
  • We want to build trust and rapport before jumping into a large unknown full-on implementation project
  • We have heard from many clients that they don’t want to completely depend on us for a done-for-you project
  • We want to build more even experience beyond what we have done for our clients and ourselves already


Outcome of the Dashboard Getting Started Project


  • Learn how to create good metrics and dashboards
  • Better understand your own business and its vitals
  • Get familiar with Prometheus and Grafana, hands-on
  • Hands-on tutorials with the query languages
  • Big changes in mindset and moral


What it includes


  • Webinar Training Session #1 – Education to get you started on building your first scorecard. To be held in June
  • Fillable Worksheet to write out your own metrics per the Traction EOS best practices.
  • Webinar Training Session #2 – Deep dive on the technical components. Target July.
  • Operational Sandbox with dummy CRM data and Prometheus/Grafana, so that you can immediately start experimenting



Regular $2500+tax. As a special offer for BC Tech Members, this has been discounted to $1500+tax.


Slide 22 – Guarantee


  • Money back if you seriously do the homework, show up for the sessions and feel we didn’t live up to the expectation set on getting you started.


Slide 23 – Bonus


  • Gifted Book on Lean Metrics / Key Performance Indicators rushed to you from Amazon
  • Access to our team via Slack and email for quick help for 90 days, worth $1500


If you commit in the next 7 days:

Consultation call with one of our engineers to discuss your custom data and exporter requirements


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