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Based in Canada, we provide responsive support, implementation projects, proactive maintenance, and server migrations to technology teams around the world so they can focus on growing their business.

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A team of Linux experts in Canada that lets your developers focus on writing code

Are your software developers fighting to protect their time for writing code? Do you need help with managing IT infrastructure and Linux servers so that they are both reliable and secure? We work with you and your team to stabilize your systems, establish proactive management, and implement DevOps so that you get peace of mind, can deploy software updates quicker, and your site performs better.

A Capable and Friendly Partner that Allows us to Focus On Our Core Business

Having Crafty Penguins manage our systems saves us time to focus on our core business which is web filtering techniques. This is our unique selling proposition, so time spent on that is better than time spent on the underlying infrastructure. CP really has very in-depth knowledge on the systems being used. When there is a problem, they are able to look a lot further and deeper than the average IT provider. As just one example, a couple of years ago we had an issue with packet loss on our Linux load balancers under extreme load. They were able to solve this by patching and enhancing the Linux NIC drivers. As we are in the Netherlands and they are in Canada, they are able to perform maintenance, changes, migrations etc on our infrastructure during our night, which are their business hours. Crafty Penguins (Kerkhoff Technologies) is the place to go when you are looking for a capable and friendly partner!

Herman van Rhijn
Technical Director, Kliksafe B.V.
The Netherlands

Our Services

Proactive Support

  • Patching and health checks
  • Monitoring
  • Regular business technology meetings

Linux Consulting

  • Responsive support
  • Security assessments
  • Reviews and recommendations

DevOps Automation

  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • CI/CD implementation
  • Cloud server migrations

What a Relief – a Friendly Team of Linux Technologists that Actually Know What They Are Doing!

If you are looking for a team that works together to solve issues in a friendly and professional manner, addresses IT issues in a reasonable amount of time, available 24/7, choose Crafty Penguins. Having Linux guys that actually know what they’re doing works for us BIGTIME! They are available 24/7 if needed and always respond to our “emergencies” quickly! They have the knowledge to complete the task successfully and quickly.

Laurie Coops
Cedar Care Clinic
Mission, BC, Canada


Creative Solutions, Improved Page Load Times, Experience, and Knowledge Sharing with our Developers

With the help of Wim Kerkhoff at Crafty Penguins, our development team was able to significantly improve our server performance and decrease load time for our web pages. Wim’s personal commitment to our project and advice to our development team meant we were able to find new solutions to our scaling challenges and at the same time equip our team with the necessary expertise to solve future challenges. If you are looking for an IT consulting partner, I definitely recommend Wim and his team!

Sean Simmons
President, Anglers Atlas
Prince George, BC


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