Ongoing Proactive & Reactive Support for Virtual, Cloud, or Dedicated Linux Servers

Best Practices checklists, regular technology meetings and FAST support.

DevOps – Marry Software Development and Operations

Use tools like Vagrant, Docker, Puppet, SaltStack, and virtual containers to automate and standardize the dev to production processes.

Support Team for IT Managers and Software Developers

You can’t do it ALL by yourself. Let us relieve the pressure by providing the services that are creating a bottleneck in your workflow.

Linux partnership for Windows MSPs

We partner with Windows MSPs to properly manage and build Linux servers so that all needs are properly met.

Pay It Cheap Pay It Twice

You only need one instance of a less skilled partner and it costs you much more than you saved. Pay it cheap, pay it twice! We engage KTI, because, they have the bandwidth, skill and especially personal commitment to make sure what they are responsible is always working correctly. Read More…

Jason Maude

Managing Director

Fusion Broadband, Melbourne, Australia

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